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Simply Lunch

WORK IS HARD, LUNCH SHOULDN’T BE Your team is expected to thrive in a challenging world and think on their feet. With no time to slow down, great people need great fuel to deliver great performance. ORGANIC IS THE NEW POWER LUNCH It makes sense to fuel your team with lunch made from local, organic produce, to work with a catering company that sets the bar in its industry. Our team works hard to make lunch inspiring and effortless. EASY AS 1-2-3 Forget taking and placing orders, with Simply Lunch your personal chef will design exciting menus around your company's needs, taking into account dietary and taste preferences. Simply tell us how many people you want to feed over how many days and we’ll deliver to your office. You get all the goodness of organic food and mind-blowing taste without any of the hassle. 7 Top Benefits of Simply Lunch TALENT RECRUITMENT/RETENTION Tasty, organic lunches are a great way to demonstrate to existing and potential employees that you care about their health and wellbeing. IMPROVED TEAM HEALTH All of our organic dishes are free from preservatives, and additives (in line with your commitment to a healthier, happier workforce). SPIKE IN HAPPINESS Research shows that sharing a meal releases dopamine in the brain. Eating together is a shared experience, a time to bond, enjoy a joke and relax. BOOST TO BUSINESS A great lunch fuels body and mind which means fewer mid-afternoon slumps and greater productivity. Great for the waistline and bottom line. EASY TO ORDER Your chef creates your weekly menus. Just tell us how many people and how many days. Simple. AFFORDABLE Chef-driven organic lunch from $16.50 per day (for a minimum of 20 people). When compared to high street eateries, it’s great value for money PERSONAL CHEF If you have a kitchen at your office, we'll send your own dedicated chef to cook on-site. No kitchen? Don’t worry, we’ll deliver straight to your door.

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