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2000 Paces Photo Organizing

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At 2000 Paces, we believe that memories are the moments that make life worth living and the stories that define us. That's why we're passionate about helping our clients organize and preserve their memories in a way that is both meaningful and useful.

In 2014, a series of fierce fires roared through San Diego County, the largest of which started on the mountain just behind my home. I had only minutes to grab a few items. My instinct was to gather all of our photos, but I panicked when I realized my precious memories were all over our home in boxes, picture frames, and albums. I grabbed what I could and our family headed to safety.

After many days of worry, we were able to return home to the memories we had to leave behind. Thankfully, our home was spared, but others in our community were not as fortunate.

This experience not only solidified my commitment to protect my family’s collection of photos but prompted me to found 2000 Paces Photo Organizing, encouraging you to organize and protect your important memories.

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Print and Digital Photo Organizing, Curation, Cleanup and Preservation; Home Movie and Audio tape transfer; Digitize/Scan photos and memorabilia; Photo book design; Video slideshow creation, Digital Asset Management for business and personal; Online photo storage site
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